About Us Finding The Right Hearing Aids Shouldn’t Be This Hard.

We know what it feels like to struggle with hearing loss or with the wrong hearing aids and not be able to live life normally again.

You’ve likely wondered if there is a reputable, empathetic hearing aid clinic and provider who can guide you to the right solution to your hearing problems.

We know you want to experience a normal life again, with normal people interaction and it’s just wrong that you can’t find the right hearing aids to help you get there.

If you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss, you know 2 things:

Hearing aids can be expensive

Finding the right hearing aids is not a straightforward process. It’s nothing like going online and shopping for price.

It’s our core mission to help all clients find the best hearing aids for them. For the past 60 years, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you overcome isolation and enjoy life again.

At Sandia Hearing Center, we get it.

We’ve seen firsthand how frustrating hearing loss can be for people. We’ve seen how it affects loved ones, too. We have also seen that the wrong hearing aids can cause a different set of frustrations and struggles.

Once you book a free consultation, you’ll have taken the first step to getting your life back on track.

You deserve the right hearing aids so that you can go back to attending church, eating in restaurants, driving the highways and experiencing normalcy again.

No one in the industry has this many guarantees as we do. Our clients feel confident about purchasing their hearing aids from us

Satisfaction or Money Back Guaranteed

Try Before You Buy. 45-Day In-Home Trial

3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty

No-Interest Financing Available

Covered by Most Insurance plans. We’ll Do the Paperwork

Studies show that Untreated Hearing Loss has been associated with serious health and psychological problems.

We’ve spent 60 years helping people hear better and we’ve heard it all:




“Hearing aids will make me feel ugly and less confident about the way I look.”


Studies show that people who can’t hold a conversation because they don’t hear well become less confident about themselves and tend to isolate themselves from social gatherings and events. Stop by and see our options for hearing aids that are as good looking as AirPods or nearly invisible.


“I’ll look old if I wear hearing aids.”


Studies show that people suffering from hearing loss and don’t wear hearing aids to help overcome, age faster than people who do.


“Hearing aids don’t fit and are uncomfortable.”


Studies show that the wrong hearing aids will increase frustration and stress. The right hearing aids will fit and be as comfortable as wearing clothes or glasses.


“Hearing aids just don’t work. Why would I spend money on something like this?”


Today’s hearing aid technologies can be overwhelming, but don’t have to be when you have the right partner. Many high-end hearing aids clinics like Sandia will service and reprogram hearing aids over the phone. Buying the right batteries can also be challenging. Today’s rechargeable hearing aids you can wear them all day long and charge your hearing aids at night. Just like you do with your cell phone.

TruFit Hearing Program™

We’re here to tell you that there is a solution for each of those worries. And we have processes in place to make sure you find answers when you come to see us.

Our TruFit Hearing Program™ is in place to ensure that you leave our clinic with hearing aids that work for you—not for someone else or one-size-fits-all which is a classic technique used by other clinics.

  • Our inventory includes the latest technology in hearing aids.
  • We have one of the most complete inventories in the US. We carry all trusted brands and our staff knows them inside out.
  • Demo many state-of-the-art options during your appointment until you find a pair that works for you.
  • Take your hearing aids home and try them out—risk-free—for 45 days.
  • Our relationship does not end when you decide to buy from us. We will be your partner and provide free ongoing care and consultation to help you maintain your hearing aids.
Hearing aids are covered by many insurance plans. If you don’t have coverage, financing is also available. (We’ll do the paperwork for you).

This is How We Do It: Our TruFit Hearing Signature Process

Book a FREE Hearing Consultation.

Determine if you really have a hearing problem, tell us your concerns (look, fit, needs).

Take them home.

Demo tons of options available for you at our clinic. Pick one.

Hear better again.

Or your money back.

Our commitment is with you. So you can get back to enjoying life.

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