Improve Your Hearing And Get Back To Enjoying Family And Friends

Stop being a bystander in life.

Hear better again with right hearing aids for you

Satisfaction or Money Back Guaranteed

Try Before You Buy. 45-Day In-Home Trial

3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty

No-Interest Financing Available

Covered by Most Insurance plans. We’ll Do the Paperwork

Has poor hearing kept you from the things you love?

  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Going out to restaurants
  • Attending church
  • Hitting the road
  • Driving places
  • Enjoying a good conversation

We believe that your hearing aids should bring you confidence and normalcy … not headaches.

It isn’t by accident that we are considered one of the most traditional and trusted hearing aids clinics in New Mexico. We have helped thousands of patients find the best hearing aids for them.

That’s right! Not the one that makes us the most money or the one in the news right now. But the one for YOU.

When you visit our clinic, you can be sure that you will leave with the right hearing aids. And we added many forms of guarantees to you to ensure we will go above and beyond to fulfill our commitment to helping you hear well again.

TruFit Hearing
Signature Process

Book a FREE Hearing Consultation.

Determine if you really have a hearing problem, tell us your concerns (look, fit, needs).

Take them home.

Demo tons of options available for you at our clinic. Pick one.

Hear better again.

Or your money back.

Get Started with a FREE Hearing Consultation

We know that when you can’t hear well, living without hearing aids is frustrating, and living with the wrong ones is just as frustrating.

We work with the best and most trusted hearing aids brands

Find the latest in hearing aids technology.

When selecting your style, consider this:

  • The degree of the hearing loss (power requirements)
  • Manual dexterity and visual abilities
  • Patient budget
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin sensitivities
  • Anatomical/medical considerations
  • Lifestyle and listening needs

With the right hearing aids, you will:

  • Hold a conversation without asking people to repeat themselves
  • Watch TV and talk on the phone all you want
  • Enjoy going to restaurants and churches
  • Socialize
  • Fully enjoy your family
  • Enjoy a better quality of life

Without hearing aids (or with the wrong ones), you will:

  • Pretend or guess what the other person is saying
  • Get annoyed at the TV and phone
  • Feel isolated and unhappy
  • Worry about missing out on life
  • Hurt your loved ones (after all, they miss hearing you too)
  • Age faster and suffer from poor quality of life

When you buy hearing aids from us, our relationship is just beginning. We will:

  • Make sure your hearing aids fit at all times
  • Customize all of the amazing options that are available today
  • Adjust them for as long as you own them
  • Clean them at no cost as many times as you need it
  • Address any issues that come up
  • Re-program them over the comfort of your home
  • Provide free ongoing quarterly visits with us to ensure you are happy
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