It’s time to set yourself free by using the hands-free ReSound ONE hearing aid. At Sandia Hearing Aids, we are here to help you.

Hearing loss normally happens gradually over a period of time. Patients seldom recognize the gradual change in their hearing. No longer hearing some things does change a person’s world and there is a ripple effect from the resulting hearing impairment. It can impact your sense of self and your relationships within the family, at work […]

Everything you need to know about Hearing Aids’ Batteries Modern hearing aids pose a unique challenge to engineers today. There is a constant drive to add new features while retaining a compact size, or even reducing it. This presents a challenging set of requirements to the battery being used, where low supply voltage is a […]

Wireless hearing aids, hearing aids technology, digital hearing aids, BlueTooth hearing aids How do Digital Hearing Aids Work? Hearing aid users have often experienced frustration achieving benefit with their hearing aids for phone use, watching TV or enjoying a movie at the theater. Wireless technology offers exciting potential for use in these environments by eliminating […]

Tinnitus is described as being a ringing or noise in the ears that isn’t caused by any nearby sounds. It’s a common problem that can affect some 15-20% of people and it’s often a symptom of an underlying condition. It might be an ear injury or perhaps simply to do with age. Although it can […]

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